90th Birthday Party

Sunday, May 27, 2012

shapeimage_2-9Family from all over the country gathered today at the Salt Creek Grill for a 90th Birthday party for my mom and dad. It was amazing that all the arrangements worked out: Susanne came from LA, Sarah, Jeff and the kids from Boston, Harold and Linda from Florida, Gary and Kathy and Roy from Florida, Michael and Isabelle from RI, other friends of my parents from RI and Stonebridge. Gil and my dad were comfortable in wheel chairs and the staff at the restaurant made the day flow smoothly. My mom was giddy with delight and everyone had a great time and enjoyed being together for the first time in many years. They also loved seeing the slide show of historic photos I put together for the occasion. I’m so thankful that everyone made it to and through the day healthy and happy. What an event!

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